Strategic approaches to indoor air policy-making

Strategic approaches to indoor air policy-making

Strategic approaches to indoor air policy-makingWHO European Centre for Environment and HealthAbstract Indoor air quality is an important determinant of public health and comfort. This document informs and advises governments, public health authorities and other policy-makers, and representatives of sectors relevant to indoor air quality (IAQ) management, on how to develop and strengthen IAQ policy in order to protect and promote health in the indoor environment. It specifically addresses strategies for the development of IAQ policies for non-industrial buildings such as homes, schools, offices, health care facilities and other public and commercial buildings. Development and implementation of a comprehensive, scientifically sound “action plan” is proposed as a key strategy tool. The document outlines the contents of such an action plan, addresses the roles of public and private sectors in policy implementation, and the roles of various levels of government, industry and research. Summaries of experience in various countries of Europe and in the USA illustrate the current situation and diversity of possible approaches to the improvement of IAQ.
با عضویت در خبرنامه ایمیلی جدیدترین مطالب را در ایمیل تان دریافت کنید. اعضاء خبرنامه و صفحات اجتماعی ACGIH از امکانات ویژه ای برخوردار خواهند شد !!! تعداد افراد فید برنر
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